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Frequently Asked Questions

You are eligible for a free review if either:

    • Your business has a viable model that’s ready to scale;
    • You’re ready to invest in your social media;
    • Or you have a minimum monthly marketing budget of £1,000.

Due to the volume of requests we receive for our free website and marketing review, we’re unable to deliver reviews to businesses that do not meet one or more of these criteria.

If your business does not yet qualify for a free review, please consider reviewing our extensive collection of free training resources, including our guides, blog, podcast, and videos.

No. You’re not obligated to use any of our services. Our free social media marketing review videos are completely free of charge.

Each marketing review video includes a list of recommended actions to improve the digital marketing of the business we’re reviewing. These are tasks which can be accomplished by a business owner — but they will take much longer to complete without prior experience.

If you need support to implement the recommendations made in our videos, please don’t hesitate to contact the digital marketing specialist who recorded your review.

Due to the popularity of our free reviews, there can be a minimum three day wait for the delivery after making your request.

When we record your website review, we look at your website through the perspective of both a potential customer and the eyes of experienced marketing professionals. We’re looking at how well your most important pages move your visitors closer to your ultimate goal — to convert.

    • We will look at the design and how optimised it is to make content easily accessible.
    • We will look at the text — the “copy” — of your most important pages and verify whether it is what people and Google are expecting to see.
    • We will look at your Calls-to-Action and point out whether they’re clear enough, located in the right places, or require too much information to fill out.
    • We will look at some of the first steps in Search Engine Optimisation, such as your website’s page titles and meta descriptions.
    • We will look at your competitors, what they’re doing well, and how well they’re ranking in Google.
    • We will look at your social media to see how you could use it within your complete digital marketing strategy.
    • We will look at the possible advertising options open to your website, including the use of Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Please note, the free marketing and website review is a brilliant first step for many businesses to improve their digital marketing. However, for the best results, you are likely to need a full SEO Audit.

We do not need access to your website or analytics to complete the free marketing review.

There is, however, a Platinum Review which you can upgrade to during the review request process which costs £64.

The Platinum Review includes an extended review of your website and marketing, plus a review of your analytics account to see how your website traffic is currently performing. We’ll look for the positives and the opportunities where we can make improvements.

Have A General Inquiry?

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